Welcome to Dnote Software

I'm Dave, owner of Dnote Software, which is a small software development company, specialized in providing very tailored and personalized IT services. For 25 years now I'm a developer from which 20 years specialized in Full Stack Microsoft .NET development including Xamarin, Blazor and front-end work using JQuery, Vanilla JS, TypeScript, Bootstrap and Materialize and I am also a Certified Microsoft Developer.
Types of projects that I usually do:
  • Develop fully interlocking front-end and back-end solutions
  • Create API's to open up your database or back-end to other parties in a secure and reliable manner
  • Front-end (often Javascript Framework driven) development
  • Optimizing and securing your existing code base
  • Xamarin iOS and Android Apps
  • Windows and MacOS Apps
Feel free to look around my portfolio and don't hesitate to contact me if you have inquiries. I'm always open to hearing about how I can best help you with your software challenges!